Losing weight is one of the hardest things. It is easier said than done. There is no magical pill that you can take to shed off those extra pounds. Instead, you have to put in the effort to burn off more calories than you consume. Although a healthy diet is crucial, cardio and strength training is just as vital. This post shares the best cardio to lose weight. Remember, the goal is to opt for anything that is intensive and energy-consuming. The following cardio exercises will help you lose that stubborn weight in no time.


Running is easily the best cardio exercise. Sprinting with short breaks is just what you need. However, if you are a beginner at sprinting, you can take things slow. Steady running offers similar benefits. Make sure to focus and work on your breathing as it is very important to keep going. The reason why running is perfect is because it elevates your heart rate and allows you to burn a lot of fat in a short period of time. Even spending half an hour a day running will offer impressive results. Aim to run five days a week. However, if you are short on time, you can split your running workout by opting for two runs a day. Go for a 15 minutes run in the morning right before work and 15 minutes run during break or after dinner.


Although running makes for the perfect cardio exercise, it can be very impactful. Hence, swimming makes for a better alternative. It offers a total-body workout from the moment you jump into the water and start floating. Swimming allows you to engage in a cardio workout throughout your time in the swimming pool. Since you are fighting gravity, your muscles would work extra hard. Studies reveal that even a minute of fast swimming helps burn 14 calories. Keep in mind that the type of stroke makes a huge difference. A butterfly stroke burns more calories than a breast stroke. To burn the most calories, all you have to do is keep going. Try to swim at a high level and as fast as possible for as long as possible. Do take swimming intervals and start once again.


There is a reason why stationary bikes can be found in most gyms. However, there is no need to limit oneself to the gym. Instead, you can have fun by cycling outside. Make sure to cycle at an intense rate to burn fat. Avoid using your phone when pedalling. Pedalling vigorously for an hour can help you burn around 1,150 calories. You can take intervals to keep going. Repeat the sessions as much as possible. Cycling makes for an excellent cardio workout. It gets all your muscles involved.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is another amazing cardio to lose weight exercise that you need to try out. It allows you to increase the intensity of your workout, elevates your heart rate, improves cognitive function and coordination, and helps you burn around 1,300 calories an hour. Start by warming up with 8-10 jumps. Then, you can jump continuously for a minute. After continuous jumping, take a break for 15 seconds and repeat. It is an easy exercise that you can do just about anywhere. Get creative and get others involved to have more fun while jumping rope. Try to complete at least 3 sets and switch up your routine from time to time. For instance, you can jump an entire set on a single leg and the next on the other.


If you are serious about cardio to lose weight and want to give it your all, Burpees are just what you need. They combine pushups, jumps, and squats to offer an effective workout routine. Burn overall body fat and tone your body through Burpees in no time. You get to train multiple muscle groups including your core, legs, and chest. Do 10 reps within 30 seconds and take a 30 seconds break and repeat. You will be surprised by the amazing results when you continue to do Burpees regularly.

Climb Stairs

Ever wondered why Europeans do not get fat? It is because they tend to climb more stairs. The next time you have some time to spare, you should climb the stairs. It offers a great way to burn calories and fat. The higher you place your leg the better. Strengthen your legs by doing something as simple as climbing stairs.

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