Is An Unlocked “K” CPU Worth It?

Is An Unlocked “K” CPU Worth It?

If you want to purchase a CPU (processor), you either have the regular version or the unlocked version, also known as the K version. But it is a good idea to go with a K version of the CPU, or do you want to focus on the least expensive model? Let’s find out!

Office tools user

The unlocked processor is obviously suitable for people that want to unlock the true potential of their CPU. Those people tend to overclock their computer in order to get all the necessary juice from their CPU. That being said, not everyone needs that.

It all comes down to what you are looking for in a CPU and computer as a whole. Some people will end up working on their computer a lot, and they don’t really need an unlocked CPU to begin with. They just use office and other tools, so they don’t really care about having a lot of CPU power. The same thing happens with casual computer users. You don’t need a very powerful CPU to get all the necessary benefits from your computer, so opting for a less expensive model is always a good idea.

In these situations an unlocked processor isn’t worth it at all. That’s why it makes sense to purchase the less expensive model if you can. Normally you want to purchase an SSD for example, as that will give a much better performance boost when compared to other options.

Gamers or video editors

The unlocked processor is great for those that want to experiment or which need the utmost performance. Usually gamers or video editors will use unlocked CPU models. However, this means you will have higher voltage and more pressure on the CPU. This means you have to deal with additional costs. These include a good cooling system, not to mention you also need a new motherboard compatible with a K CPU too. All these things tend to cost quite a lot of money.

Sure, they make sense if you are an enthusiast or if you need a lot of CPU power. But most of the time an unlocked CPU is always going to work very well and it’s super adaptable and adjustable to your own requirements. Even if you are gaming, you might not need an unlocked CPU. If you’re gaming at 60 Hz, your computer and processor might handle the gaming experience without a problem.

Issues can and might appear when you play at 144 Hz or more, where the CPU is put under a lot more pressure. Yet even so, getting an unlocked CPU is never a good idea if you want to keep the costs low. It will just bring in major costs that you shouldn’t really have to deal with unless you are an enthusiast. Make sure that you give the unlocked CPU a shot and you will be more than impressed with the results and the entire experience. That’s why an unlocked CPU is not worth it for most customers. You can save money this way and purchase a better graphics card or a good SSD for higher standard computer performance!

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