If only losing weight was as easy as gaining it. But, it isn’t especially from a specific part of your body like the belly or your arms. The face is another problematic area that can become a bit chubby even if you have a slim body shape overall. In the age where everyone is obsessed with that perfect jawline and high cheekbones, people are willing to try anything that will help them lose weight on their face.

But you don’t have to go under the knife or perfect your makeup contouring skills to look your best and feel confident about your looks. These few easy diet tips and some facial exercises can help you lose weight on face and achieve your desired look.

5 Diet Tips to Help Lose Weight on Face

Drink Plenty of Water

The most endorsed tip for losing weight is to drink plenty of water. Water is not only necessary for your overall health but plays a major role in weight loss. Water increases the metabolic activity in your body and makes you feel fuller for a longer time. Because of which you consume less food and eventually gain less weight. Lastly, studies show that staying hydrated decreases fluid retention in the body, preventing puffiness and bloating on your face.

Avoid Refined Carbs

Refined carbs which include pasta and baked goods are a major contributor to weight gain. The food consisting of refined carbs is highly processed and loses its natural nutrients and fibre. What remains is just sugar and calories. Also, carbs make you feel like you haven’t eaten enough so you end up eating more. So if you want to lose weight on face, you need to stop binging on those cookies and making trips to the bakery.

Cut Down on Salt & Sugar

Sugary foods and drinks are mostly high in calories which make you gain weight fast. Therefore, you must cut down on the sugar in your diet. If you want to lose weight on face, avoid adding extra sugar to your morning coffee or tea, avoid artificial sweeteners and sugary syrups. Also, having too much salt in your diet can make your body retain water which makes your body and face become bloated. Cut down on salty foods like fast food to keep your sodium intake under control.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

It totally fine that you enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner or go out for drinks with your pals over the weekends. But if go overboard with your alcohol consumption it shows on your face in the form of fat and bloating. Alcohol is low in nutrients and high in calories which makes it a major contributor in weight gain. To lose weight on face, you must limit your alcohol consumption.

Add Dairy Foods to Your Diet

You may think this absurd but research shows that calcium-rich dairy foods contribute to weight loss. The calcium in these dairy foods regulates fat metabolism, increases lipolysis and decreases lipogenesis. This makes your body use body fat as a source of energy and helps you lose weight on your face. So the next time you feel like adding dairy food to your diet, go for the low-fat cheeses and yoghurt.

5 Exercises to Help Lose Weight on Face

The E-O Exercise

This exercise not only helps you lose weight on face but also makes your jaws stronger. It is a very easy exercise which you can do at any time and anywhere. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Pronounce the letters E and O, one after the other repeatedly.
  • Stretch your mouth in a grin when pronouncing E so you feel the strain on your jaw.
  • Stop and repeat the process.
  • You can do this 3-4 times.

Lips Pull Exercise

This is a yoga technique that is very effective in making your cheeks look more youthful and losing weight on your face. You can easily do this exercise by using these simple steps:

  • Lift your lower lip and push out your lower jaw outward.
  • You must feel the stretch in your cheeks when doing this.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds and then release.
  • Repeat again 10-15 times.

Fish-face Exercise

This popular facial exercise is a great way to achieve those toned cheekbones as well as to lose weight on face. It is also alternatively known as the “smiling fish face” exercise. You can learn it by following these simple steps:

  • Suck in your cheeks and lips until your lips make a vertical bow-like shape.
  • Hold this posture for 5-8 seconds and release.
  • Rest your face for a few seconds and then repeat.
  • You can do this exercise 8-10 times in one go.

Blow a Balloon

Remember back when we didn’t have access to balloon pumps and had to blow balloons for parties on our own? Then you must remember that it put a lot of strain on your facial muscles, especially your cheeks. Blowing a balloon is a great way to lose weight on face naturally and to get well-toned cheeks. If you don’t know how just follow these simple steps to master this exercise:

  • Take a balloon and blow air into it from your mouth.
  • Once it swells up, release the air and repeat the process again.
  • You can do this exercise 10-15 times in one go.

Chew Some Gum

This exercise will help you lose weight on face, tone your cheeks and give you a fresh breath as well. To keep it healthy, try the sugar-free ones in your favourite flavour. Follow these simple steps to know how it works:

  • Pick a chewing gum that you enjoy and start chewing.
  • The best way is to chew gum after your meals. You can also do it while driving, doing household chores or just while watching TV.

We hope this article helps you in losing weight on your face and achieving the facial appearance you desire.

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