We all classify fats as being equally bad for our health. But the reality is that you can find multiple types of fats out there. Sure, some of them are very unhealthy, but some are actually good for you. Yet you have to keep in mind that all fats have a high number of calories. So even if some of them are healthy for you, most of the time they will still come with a whole lot of calories.

How can you choose the best types of fats for you?

Usually, the monounsaturated and the polyunsaturated fats are those that come with important fatty acids. They also include fat-soluble vitamins, and that’s a very important aspect that you need to take into consideration. That’s why you have to replace the regular, saturated fats with the unsaturated ones as often as possible. Otherwise, you can encounter problems!

Monounsaturated fats

These are widely known for being very healthy for your body. You need them, but not in a very high amount. Used adequately, you can maintain a very good cholesterol level. So it’s actually very handy to eat this type of fats. You can find them in avocados, olives, almonds, cashews, peanuts, spreads, pistachios and so on.

Polyunsaturated fats

Aside from helping you with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, they do provide you with a wide range of essential fatty acids. That’s why they are highly recommended by nutritionists. You can find these fats in oily fish, sesame oil, soya oil and corn oil. These are also found in sunflower seeds and walnuts too.

Saturated fats

These are regular fats and you can find them in most of your foods. If you eat too many of these, you will raise the cholesterol levels. Not only that, but they can also lead to a huge array of other diseases. Which is why you need to avoid eating lots of processed meats, fatty meat, hard cheeses, whole milk and cream, palm oil and so on.

Trans fats (unsaturated fatty acids)

Trans fats are bad for you. These are known for being added to foods with lots of chemicals and hydrogenated oils. Biscuits, pastries, fried foods and other similar foods tend to have them. As you can imagine, trans fats are by far some of the worst types of fats that you can encounter out there. Which is why you have to eliminate them as fast as possible.

Even if fats might seem the same, they all have a huge range of features and distinctive benefits or downsides. That’s why we always encourage you to avoid unhealthy food and focus on foods with healthy fats. Yes, even if you’re eating fats, these are very good for your body and they can help you maintain a great health in the long run. Just try to give these a shot and the results can be extraordinary in the long run. It might take a bit of time to adapt your diet to include healthy fats, however, it’s a very good idea and it will help you boost your health!

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