Should You Get An Android Phone?

Should You Get An Android Phone?

If you want to purchase a new phone, you either have the option to choose Apple phones or you can go with Android phone. If you go with the Android side of things, there are a plethora of great options and they are not that expensive either. Usually Android is better for a lot of people since there are more manufacturers and a great variety of products. Here are some other reasons why getting an Android phone might be amazing.

Lots of customization

Apple’s iOS is great but it also locks your options quite a bit. The idea here is that Android doesn’t force you into anything. You have a lot more control and that on its own can be really interesting. You can upload downloaded movies, music, download third-party apps and tools to customize stuff if you want.

The latest hardware

Normally Android phones have the best hardware. You have more storage too, more RAM and cameras are always better on Android too. Basically, if you want to showcase and use the latest hardware, then Android is the right option for you.

Millions of apps

Sure, Apple has a great store too, but Android’s option is better. The Play Store doesn’t need to test every update and the releases happen a lot faster. Plus, there are less restrictions and that means way more apps. There’s still a security filter here, but you can find an app for everything.

Removable battery

You do need to remove your battery in case some issues happen or you damage it. Android phones tend to have this issue more often than not. Apple isn’t allowing you access to anything like this, which is a shame really.

Multitasking and widgets

Android phone has tons of widgets and widget apps. It’s very easy to multitask with it and the best part is that you can easily manage all your content and widgets at your own pace. It works great and it delivers a sense of value and adaptability that you can rarely find anywhere else.

SD card slot

This is not available for Apple devices. If you purchase a particular option, you are stuck with it. That’s why the SD card slot is such a big deal. Sure, not all Android devices have it, but most of them do have such an option to begin with.


Apple accessories are very expensive. Thankfully that’s not the case with Android. Most accessories are inexpensive and even if they break from time to time, replacing them won’t cost a fortune.

In conclusion, Android is a great platform so if you want a good phone this might be the right one for you to check out. There are always going to be challenges when it comes to finding the best model, so be patient and create a list with everything you need. In the end, you will have no problem finding the right model for you. Yes, Android is a great platform and if you want a new phone at a reasonable price, you can easily find one!

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