Exercise is very beneficial for your health and so is a cardio workout. The benefits are countless if you carry on with cardio daily and make it a part of your life. The workout can be advantageous to your health. It can help you strengthen your heart, lose weight and even increase your resistance to insulin. Using a treadmill puts a lot less pressure on your body when compared to simply a walk outside. Not only that, but the treadmill allows you to keep track of your heart rate and blood pressure, in case you are a heart patient or even have minor health issues that need to be taken care of. This piece of information will help you determine how long you should exercise for and when should you stop.

There are a great many benefits of cardio workouts. It can be especially helpful for heart patients. A treadmill can help you in detecting the symptoms that may not be otherwise visible, as the workout will help in putting the patient under stress. The cardio workout will also help you in reducing blood pressure by increasing the circulation of blood in your body. It can also help in reducing insulin levels for diabetes patients. Making the cardio workout a routine task will help you in reducing sugar levels of the blood for a diabetes patient. That isn’t it! Working out regularly will also help you in keeping a balance of your hormones, which will allow you to sleep better. Last but not the least, a cardio workout will help you in staying fit and in shape. You can build leg muscles and lose weight. A treadmill cardio workout puts a lot less stress on your body, unlike other exercise machines. There are various types of treadmill cardio workout that you can try for yourself. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones:

Tempo cardio workout

This workout has been divided into three sections. It is 30 minutes in total. The first involves building a pace or you can say that it is a work-up session. The second one is the tempo portion itself, there is the cool down session in which you will fall back to your normal pace once again. The challenge is the second part of the cardio workout as that is where you will have to put in the strength. It will be where you will not be dying, but will definitely be putting in the effort. And that is what a workout is now, isn’t it? Let’s get to the details now. To start with, you will have to do a normal walk or a light jog for 10 minutes. After this, for exactly 10 minutes, you will be in the tempo session. The intensity of this will be almost 7 out of 10. Followed by this will be a 10 minutes cool down session, where you will continue the light jog as you did in the first session as well. This type of cardio is amazing for building endurance and also burning fat.

Workout with intervals

This type of workout falls under the HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) type. It would be 30 minutes in total. This is one of the most popular fitness trends in the world. The fact that makes it so popular is its efficiency of burning fats fast as it will only last a few minutes. This type of workout has work periods that are not very long along with rest periods that are short. In this type of workout, the intervals are shorter than that of the tempo workout and so they must be run at a greater intensity. A slow walk or jog can then be done to recover. In the first 10 minutes of the workout, slow walking or jogging should be done. This must be followed by hard intervals that will last 1 minute each. After each interval, there must be a 1-minute recovery session as well. The intensity must be harder than that of the tempo workout; 9-10 intensity would be appropriate. In the end, there will be a 5 minutes cool down session for your body to come back to a normal pace. This workout is very helpful for fat burning.

Hill workout

To maximize the benefits of your treadmill cardio workout, a hill workout is the ultimate solution. The good news is that it is very helpful in getting rid of those extra pounds and shedding off the calories you regret taking. It will strengthen your body and muscles as well. It is a 30 minutes cardio workout. To start with, you will have to do a 10 minutes warm-up that will make your body ready for what’s coming ahead. The hills are up next! 5 sets of hills in which each hill will be of 2 minutes with a 1-minute recovery after each hill. The intensity should be hard during the hills session. After the 5 sets of hills, there must be a 5 minutes cool down session for your body to relax. Do not ever just stop and jump off a treadmill after an intense workout.

Endurance workout

This cardio workout will last for a good 30 minutes. Many people believe that this work out isn’t advantageous, but it is still beneficial to perform a steady cardio workout on a treadmill. The main advantage of this type of workout is that it adds new capillaries and helps in building general endurance in the body. This type of workout can be used as a recovery workout that will help you in recovering after having a hard session a day before. This cardio workout starts with a warm-up that will last for 3 minutes. This will be followed by a good 25 minutes of steady walking or jogging on the treadmill with a 5-6 intensity. Last but not the least, the steady walk will be followed by a 2 minutes cool down session that will help your body get back to its normal state.

So there you have it, 4 different types of cardio on a treadmill, each of them offering different benefits. Find one that suits your goals the best and adjust the length and frequency of the workout if necessary.

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