Vaping seems like a healthy, simple thing to do. But the reality is that even something as simple as this can have repercussions on your health and wellbeing. Which does bring the question, does vaping come with any type of health risks? Let’s find out.

What makes vaping appealing to teens and adults?

There are lots of people that start vaping and they just can’t ditch this once they started. The reasons why people start vaping differ. Some like the feeling that comes from vaping, others enjoy the numerous flavors that they can find on the market.

But there are some other reasons too. They believe the vaping is safer than smoking and, in many cases, they are forced to try vaping due to the peer pressure. Plus, a vape unit is very easy to hide and super portable, which makes it really hard to detect for a lot of people.

Are there any health risks?

Of course there are health risks. Nicotine is one of the primary substances that you can find in this type of product. It’s a compound that raises the blood pressure and it can also lead to adrenalin level spikes. What this does is it increases the heart rate and it can eventually lead to a heart attack.

But nicotine is not the only compound you can find in vaping liquids. These also include glycerol as well as propylene. These are very harmful to your body and many scientists connect them to heart disease, respiratory disease and even cancer. Moreover, vaping juices also have diacetyl which can eventually lead to the obstruction of lungs. It can also generate scars all around and within your lungs in the long run.

Vaping can harm the blood vessels

According to a new Study, it’s clear that vaping can harm the blood vessels. The numerous harmful chemicals in the vape juice will cause cell death and that will bring in a lot of bodily stress. If you continue to vape often, then your body will have to deal with a lot of stress from this and it will eventually collapse.

It leads to lung cancer in the long run

Most people go for vaping because they believe it’s safer and it won’t bring any lung problems. Unfortunately, they are wrong. Vaping still has a lot of harmful chemicals and the problem is that they will continue to attack the entire body of the consumer. The more you vape, the more damage you will do to your lungs. And yes, in the long run this can lead to lung cancer.

You need to do everything you can in order to avoid vaping. This is not a good cigarette replacement, because you still have nicotine and you also add a lot of harmful chemicals in there too. You must consider all these downsides and the huge harm it can bring to your body. As you can see, vaping is far from being safe, so you should take major precautions and avoid it at all costs if possible!

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