How easy is it?

If you’re still wondering whether it is the right time to lose weight or not, you should stop right now. Now is the perfect time to embark on the journey towards a slimmer, fitter and healthier you – an improved version of yourself who is confident enough to carry themselves everywhere. Begin your transformation today with our beginner’s guide to weight loss.

The first thing to understand is that you’re aiming to achieve healthy weight loss, not an unhealthy one. Weight loss should only be done to make your body healthier and stronger, both internally and externally. Due to this, weight loss is not about intense dieting or setting yourself up on a water diet. Instead, you should plan to achieve weight loss in the most effective manner ensuring long-term results. You can do this through a skilful combination between dietary changes and exercise routines.

Most people have the capability to begin losing one or two pounds per week, even as beginners. In case of any medical conditions, this might change but achieving weight loss isn’t too difficult. You can start seeing results as early as a few weeks when you properly begin your journey towards weight loss!

What Causes Weight Loss?

Simply put, you lose weight when your body can burn more energy than consumed through food. Since this logic is very simple to understand, weight loss itself is a very simple process too. In the modern world, weight loss is glorified and presented in a manner to make it seem unachievable or extremely difficult. In reality, this isn’t the case at all. The fundamentals of weight loss can be easily allocated to suit you, your routine and your preferences. Many new weight loss techniques tend to make only minor modifications to your lifestyle. They also encourage workouts, leading to healthy weight loss.

Where Do I Begin?

With something as vast as weight loss, there can be many places to begin. According to the suggestions of professional weight loss trainers, you should begin weight loss by first deciding on a plan of action. This plan must include your daily diet plan as well as an exercise regime that you must follow.

1. A Balanced Diet

Whether you classify yourself as thin, fat, or in-between. Remember, that the key to a successful weight loss journey is through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. No good diet will ever tell you exactly what to eat and when. Instead, it will restrict your calorie intake so that you eat a balanced diet. A diet that includes different kinds of foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean meat and dairy products.

Always remember that your first meal of the day is an extremely important one. Invest some time into eating a healthy breakfast regularly to lower the risk of diabetes, obesity and even heart disease. Beginning the day with a well-balanced meal can help refill your blood sugar. This allows your body to successfully power the muscles and brain for the rest of the day.


On the journey towards a healthier life, remember that the choices you make are important. When consuming carbohydrates, choose to eat complex carbs such as whole grains or fruits and vegetables instead of simple carbs like processed foods and artificial sugars. Whole grains are more beneficial as they retain in your body for a longer time since they are digested slowly. This helps you to feel full for longer and continue acting as fuel for the body while being digested. These grains can also steady your blood sugar levels and contain the minerals your body needs to function effectively.


Protein is another important source of energy that your body needs to grow, be maintained and repaired in case of any damage. It helps in the production of red blood cells within the body and is also essential for building and repairing muscles, which is very important during workouts. If your body lacks carbohydrates, proteins can effectively replace them and act as an equally significant source of fuel.

Fruits and vegetables

Lastly, fruits and vegetables must be included in your diet as they are a natural source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Low in calories and fat, these unsaturated fats can also help reduce inflammation and assist you during your workout routine. Ensuring these healthy fats are present in your diet ensures that these fatty acids will help you move throughout your exercise.

2. Exercise Regime

Many people may be under the common misconception that when it comes to exercise, the more the better. However, like everything else, exercise carries great risk. Especially as a beginner, your body is not accustomed to high levels of activity and intense muscle training. Suddenly jumping from very limited physical activity to intense workouts can place a significant amount of stress on your muscles, tendons and joints. Not only does this increase the risk of injury, but also makes your body sensitive to changes in activity and cause inflammation in the future too.

This is why a proper exercise routine plan is important. Developing and maintaining optimal posture and proper exercise mechanics is the key to achieving weight loss and long-term health. With a proper plan that assists you throughout your workout by providing low-intensity exercises to higher ones and informing you regarding correct postures and positions, you can stay safe during your workout and boost your weight loss journey as well.

Many beginners may opt for a trainer who may assist them during their time at the gym. Others may prefer using self-taught techniques that are considered safe for them. In both cases, extensive research regarding weight loss and exercise is needed to ensure good health and safety.

Some people may find it difficult to abide by the rules of an exercise plan. In this case, you should always find the little things that motivate you towards your ultimate goal. Motivation levels tend to be the highest when we first decide to start a new activity or form a new habit. This motivation can be further driven through powerful music, new challenges, gym clothes, or tracking results!

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