To travel without money is not a simple thing to do. The idea here is that you do want to see the world, but you want to do that without actually spending a lot of money. And that’s the tricky thing. Despite all of that, it is something you can do and with the right approach it can totally offer you some rewarding results. You just need to have the right approach and in the end it will be a great experience for you to enjoy no matter the situation.


Find a small job

You can go to a new country and earn a bit of money for traveling there. You can be a tour guide, dive instructor, hostel worker, bartender, au pair, casino worker or yacht worker. These jobs won’t be delivering a lot of money, but that doesn’t really matter in the end. You just have to figure out what type of approach works for you and use it.


Pack lightly and connect with the locals

Ideally, you want to have a very small luggage, maybe just a backpack that you carry around. And if you connect with the locals, you will be able to have quite a lot of fun, you might even be invited for a dinner.


Be ok with hitchhiking

But do keep in mind that hitchhiking is illegal in some countries. Yet it can be a great method of transportation and that’s a crucial aspect to keep in mind. It’s definitely lowering the overall costs.


Become a volunteer for WWOOF

Even if you are a volunteer, you will have free rooms and meals. It will offer you a great sense of adventure and opportunities, especially if you want a way to travel without money, help others and experience unusual activities.


Make the most out of free days at museums

Ideally, there are lots of museums that have free days. The trick here is to figure out when those free days are and make the most out of them. Even if it will take a while to identify that, it will still be well worth the effort.


Try Couchsurfing

This is a nice thing to keep in mind because it allows you to connect travelers with locals that are willing to accommodate them for free. Usually you will have lower quality accommodation when compared to a hotel.


Sleep while traveling

It’s a good idea to travel during the night if you can. This way you can save on accommodation while also reaching your destination. Sure, it won’t be the best possible sleep quality, but it’s still ok.

Traveling without money is a possibility. And these ideas listed above will help make the entire process a possibility. Sure, it will be a bit challenging at first, but with the right approach it can definitely pay off. Just remember to focus on having a great time and enjoying everything in front of you, even if it takes a little work to travel without money!

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