Losing lower belly, back fat is no different than losing fat anywhere else. It is just an area where the fat tends to be stored so it’s most visible and hardest to get rid of. To lose lower belly/back fat the same weight loss principles would apply, however it can take a lot of hard work to even out this body area.

We will go through some simple steps that might help you lose fat and reach desired results. As usually, dedication and consistency are what weight loss is impossible without.

Cardio or intense workouts, supersets

The fastest way to burn excess fat is by making your body work extra hard. If you do so, your body will start eating up your fat cells for the energy required for your workout and burning the fat in this process.

Lifting weights faster is not ideal if you are also trying to build muscle, as this way you will use momentum to do the work, and your muscles are not working to their fullest. Instead, you should increase your workout intensity by decreasing your rest time between sets or not resting at all by doing supersets. By doing so, you are both pushing your muscles to work at their limit and also using a lot of energy which causes loss of fat.

However, you should be careful not to overdo it, there is only a very small percentage of the people in the world that can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. This is due to body types and metabolism. That is the reason why cutting fat whilst maintaining muscle requires a lot of patience, experience and knowledge about your own body.

What to eat

What you should eat depends if you are trying to just lose fat disregarding the muscle or you are cutting the fat and want to keep as much muscle as possible.

For those not worried about the muscle - low-calorie intake throughout the day, focusing on 60% fiber, 20% unsaturated fats, 20% protein. Take the most of these fats hour or so before the workout so you wouldn't feel dizzy during workouts. Obviously, don't forget to drink loads of water.

For those who are worried about their muscles and just trying to cut out fats, we recommend focusing on protein mainly. So about 60% of your total diet should be protein (try to consume 2g of protein per every kg of your total body weight), 20% unsaturated fats, 10% fiber and 10% carbs. This way you can maintain some energy levels and your muscles will not lack protein. You can also play around with your carbs and protein intake if you believe you are taking too much protein and not enough carbs, or the opposite.

Completely avoid soft drinks, high fat and junk food.

Completely forget the soft drinks, even the „zero sugar“ ones. They are not as healthy as they may sound. Such drinks also get you into a state of mind where you think it‘s ok to consume that type of food and still progress.

Losing the lower belly fat is not easy, it takes time and dedication. It is, however, possible with the right amount of motivation. Keep track of your progress by taking pictures regularly to boost your motivation by seeing positive results.

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